recruit Legend Online moderators
Tarih :2017-08-15

    In order to offer a better service and deal with feedbacks to all of our players on prompt time, we are about to recruit Legend Online moderators. We invite enthusiastic players to join our team and help others to solve problems.

1. Requirements:

-    Know well and love the game Legend Online, have a character level 80 and with all access to the systems in the game.

-    Fair and honest, love to help and have a strong sense of responsibility.

-    Fluent in English, being able to communicate in English with our staff.

-    Enough time to be online.

-    Longtime experience as a moderator is going to be a plus!

2. Duties

-    Help other players and solve everyday problems about the game and accounts.

-    Detect BUGs in the game and immediately report to our staff.

-    Help organize players from events and other activities when it is necessary.

-    Submit weekly and monthly reports, including all kind of suggestions and opinions from both yourself and other players.

-    Must not use the power of communication with us for trying to obtain personal gains, it is also prohibited resell the Package Code or Diamonds from the salary, or implement other illegal operations. Once the above mentioned actions occur, the person will be immediately dismissed.

3. Salary

-    The evaluation period is 30 days; the Compensation from this time is 500 to 2000 Diamonds depending on the work performance.

-    Once become a Regular worker, after the evaluation period, the compensation would be 1000 to 5000 Diamonds per month, depending on the work performance.

-    Depending on the work performance, a Package Code could be given.

P.S. The Salary for Regular worker will be reviewed after the evaluation period.

4. Application
If you meet all our requirements, please fill in the following information and sent it to:

- Sever Played: 
- Nickname:
- Email: 
- QQ Account Number:
- Age:
- Career:
- Daily free time periods and average online time:
- Ability to use Photoshop and make videos:
- Talk about your knowledge about the "moderator" job, the reason for your application, and if you have been moderator before, please tell us your work experience:
- Recruitment Deadline: 2017/9/1

- If you are selected, our staff will reply to you via email.
- This event, rules and interpretations are owned by the Oasis Games Company.